Builder's Bargains is a shopper's group in Second Life. Twice a month, creators of builder's materials such as textures, sculpts, mesh, scripts and creators of other builder's aids (templates, bead/skirt generators etc.) place at least one of their items on sale for at least 50% off. All participating vendors are listed in a note card, and also on this blog. The list is distributed in-world to the Builder's Bargains groups and to the respective subscriber-style or in-world groups of each creator who participated in a give week's sale.

Shoppers who are in the Builder's Bargains groups also receive periodic notices from participating vendors about their new releases, their own sales events, or any free gifts/Lucky Chair/Midnight Mania boards that they might have.

It is a great way for content creators to discover new creators of some of the tools they shop for and use every day, and also a wonderful way for them to find some incredible deals!

This group is also intended to be a connection between creators of builder's materials with those who need them for their creations.

If you are interested in joining this group as a vendor, please send Kat Alderson a message in-world. if you are a shopper and would like to join our group to take advantage of this amazing resource, please visit any of the stores at one of the SLURLs listed on the "Participating Vendors" page.