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In order to run a group that is shopper-friendly, we've established some new rules and updated some old ones.  The rules are non-negotiable, but we do believe they will benefit the merchants of Builder's Bargains as well as our esteemed shoppers group.  Questions regarding these rules should be addressed to Kat Alderson in world, via IM.  


Merchants are responsible for understanding and following the rules.  There will be immediate consequences for violating the rules.  Among these are forfeit of submission fees, suspension from the sale, suspension of notice privileges, and/or a ban from all participation in the group.

✘  You must follow all of the rules.
✘  No drama, verbal abuse, hate-related content, hate-related language, or copyright violations of any kind will be tolerated.
✘  Merchants must keep a current Builder's Bargain group joiner rezzed in their stores at all times.
✘  Merchants must post their User License Agreement in their store (and on their Marketplace), at the point of purchase.


You are responsible for completing your submission, in accordance with the rules,  and having it in on time. Submission fees are non-refundable. The only exception is if we reject your submission based on the quality of the product being offered, in which case you will be notified. 

✘  All submissions must be complete, on the newest notecard (available in world), and must be named correctly or they will be disregarded.
✘ Submissions are due on the Sunday prior to the sale.  Cut-off time is 2pm SLT.  Submit your notecard to the red mail box on the desk in the Builder's Bargains Office.
✘ The L$125 is due at the time you submit and is payable to the laptop on the desk in the Builder's Bargains Office.
✘ You must submit product ADS.  Snapshots are not acceptable.   Product ads must NOT show plywood or tinted prims.  Images and text must be PG.
✘ You may include up to 3 items on your submission.
✘ Products submitted must be priced at least 50% off.
✘ You may not submit the same product twice.
✘ You must not misrepresent your products.
✘ You may submit products listed on Marketplace (use the MP app available in world). ALL rules still apply.


You are responsible for having you products out on time, displayed correctly, and priced correctly.  We will not include items on the list that aren't ready to go by the time we start store checks on Wednesday.

✘ Your items must be rezzed within 25 meters of your landing point AND must be visible from the landing point for the entirety of the sale. You must rez the newest Builder's Bargains group joiner with them.
✘ Your products must be out and priced correctly on Wednesday, before 2pm SLT.
✘ Your products must remain out and priced correctly through Sunday, 11:59pm SLT
✘ You must send the complete list, exactly as it is sent to you, to your store groups each time you participate, and no later than Friday at 6pm SLT.


Group chat will remain off.  No matter how diligently a large group is moderated, there are always people who disturb the peace.

✘ You may send up to two notices per calendar week.  (Calendar week is Sunday through Saturday.)
✘ Notices must be for your products and must have a notecard, created by you, attached.  Notecards must include the following:-

  • Product ad(s)
  • Landmark to your store (and/or your Marketplace URL):
  • Price of items being advertised.
  • You can (but don't have to) add your SLURL, blog URL and Flickr (or Picassa) URL.

✘ Directly attaching a landmark, photo or object to a notice is forbidden. These must go onto a notecard.
✘ You may embed notecards for sales, hunts and fairs you are participating in onto your product notecard.  You may not send sale lists, hunt lists, or fair information directly.
✘ You must not misrepresent your products.


Using Flickr is free, and it is optional.  However, we do recommend it!

✘ You may add your products for the Builder's Bargain sale hop to our new Flickr group
✘ You must include the date of the sale and a SLURL to your in-world store.
✘ Do NOT link to Marketplace.  Linking to Marketplace would be a violation of the Flickr TOS.  You can, however, link to your store blog.


✘ Each merchant is responsible for getting their submissions in on time and setting up correctly on time.  While we understand that first life can interfere with your schedule, our time is just as valuable as anyone else's, and we have a schedule to adhere to for the benefit of the shoppers and the rest of the merchants participating.

✘ We'll treat you with courtesy as long as you treat us with courtesy.  When a conversation gets hostile or abusive, we will mute, eject, ban and Abuse Report.  We're all adults and professionals, so hopefully it will never come to that!

✘ All submission fees will be paid to our official blogger.  Including all non-refunded fees.

✘ We expect all submissions to be of the highest quality, and we expect presentation of products submitted to also be of the highest quality.  Our shoppers deserve the best.  Therefore, we reserve the right to reject any submission based on quality.  If, by chance, we do reject a submission based on quality, you will be notified, and your submission fee will be refunded.

✘ The order of the list will NOT be wholly dependent on the date you submit your product.  We don't want you to rush to finish something just to be first on the list. We may put new merchants first, we may put products that tickle our fancy first.  We might put them in alphabetical order by product name, store name or merchant name. We might decide to put them in ascending or descending order based on price.  We might put the names in hat and do a random order.

✘ We will not include items in the list if they do not comply with the rules, aren't set up by the time we do our store checks, or if the display is not easily visible from the landing point. No submission fees will be refunded if any rule is violated.

✘ We reserve the right to change these rules.

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