Thursday, April 12, 2012


This will be the home of the Builder's Bargains presence on the internet. Stay tuned as things get organized.

Our first planned sales event will be on May 17th.

A few things to be added to this blog as the first day of the sale event draws near:
  • Profiles of businesses that will be taking part in upcoming sales events.
  • A timeline of events for content creators: You'll see upcoming deadlines and events that you should follow!
  • Timeline of events for shoppers. We have one good surprise planned for you that will take place before May 17th!
  • Once the sales officially begin, you'll be able to view on this blog the participating shops, the item(s) that are on sale, a description of the item(s) as well as direct SLURLs to the stores.
Very exciting things coming your way, so please stay tuned!

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