Thursday, May 3, 2012

Builder Lovin' Gift-Giving Event!

Starting on May 5th and ending on May 12th, the vendors of the Builders Bargains group will be sending lovin' gifts through our sales group notices. This is a way to give shoppers an even better idea of who they will be shopping during our first sales event which will take place on May 17th!

This blog will be updated with details of what gifts our shoppers can expect to receive! If you aren't a member yet, be sure to join to get a sample of full-perm works from some of SL's best content creators!

Here are some of the gifts being sent to Builder's Bargains group -- some have already been sent, and some have been sent that are not advertised here, so join up!

T-Shirt Designer Kit by Haven Creations
A pack with TGA Template and 4 textures for you to design and create your own T-Shirt to sell and wear!

Book Textures by Brent's Book Nook
The Builder Lovin' Gifts are a set of 14 full perm textures to build 3 different book sets.  A gothic-themed 4 prim closed book, a Baroque-themed 3 prim open book, and a 1 prim stack of 3 books.

Sample Pack of Textures by Ro!Act Designs
This set contains 12 various textures we sell in our shop from flowers to samples of our designer's and builder's sets. We've included the marketplace posters as well if you are interested in purchasing the entire sets.

Laying On The Back by [RNP]
Full perm, 30 seconds loop, Priority 4 Animation. Get it here:

Mesh Chinese Sofa by Fantasy China
High quality mesh sofa.  for your creation and for Designer
included MESH   full perms . and samples (no transfer)
1 prims, 2 land impact and low physics. Wear your Builder's Bargains group tag and find it near the MM board here:

Fringes for Pants by *The Seer*
Wonderful fancy fluffy fringes for pants!

20 Seamless and/or Alpha Textures by Timeless Textures
Generous selection of various texture styles available at Timeless Textures.

Three High-Density Demo Skirts by Jackie's
3 Demo skirts

* long-CLOTH-44 saddle
* Mini RIBBON-44 Medieval
* Silks-LongRibbon -44-full saddle
Modify and Transfer ,  44 skirtpanel primskirts,edit and design your first creations! Sell or give them out as presents or demo. Just wear and see how it behaves

Texture Sampler by \\CHIPAHOLIC// Textures
Set of 10 full-perm textures from various texture packs available at the Main Store and on the Marketplace.

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